Please share drawings or experience with halyard screeching and/or
lubricating masthead sheaves on C&C 36-1 or similar.

Main halyard sheave at the masthead makes a heck of noise when hoisting, I
mean really, it broadcasts a horrific screech to the entire basin as we
raised the main.

Sounds like a giant dull and unlubricated drill bit drilling into stainless
steel. Slowly. In fits and starts. You probably know the sound, almost
every marina has one, I just wish it wasn't us.

Recently went up there to retrieve a spin halyard and it seems that the
sheave spins freely. It looks to be about 1/2" X 3". Anyway, while there
used the edge of a popsicle stick to press in a fair amount of Superlube(R)
synthetic grease and then when it appeared that didn't work followed up
with a liberal amount of spray through a straw, all directed at the center
shaft. Waited a few weeks in hopes that it would work it's way in and cure
the squeak but it hasn't happened so far. Still raising heII when raising.
I already purchased all the 36-1 drawings that Doug could find from the
Marine Museum in Kingston ON, but none of a masthead detail. Similar might
be helpful.

Any help is appreciated.
Tim Rutherford
1981 C&C 36-1 Chamamé
Tampa, FL
Chamamé & Crew at Hospice Cup '19

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