Cobbler folks,

RHEL6; cobbler 2.6.5 (yes, I know it's old!)

I have a feeling this ought to be a trivial question, but I can't find the 

We have been using Cobbler for several years.  (Indeed, I've even contributed a 
little to the documentation a few years ago.)  That usage has been over a 
single "provisioning" interface on a single provisioning network (similar to 
"10.old.0.0" with the server address "10.old.srv.addr" and that same value 
being in the "settings" field "next_server:").  Very simple.  Works well.

We are adding a second such network over another interface ("").  
When I PXE boot a client (say "new-client") over this new network, the TFTP 
stuff works fine.  But I then get "error downloading kickstart file" which 
includes the URL of the server's *old* interface (on the original network).

When I do
   cobbler cobbler system getks --name=new-client

the output is full of references to the *old* network, instead of the new, such 

   # Use network installation
   url --url=http://10.old.srv.addr/cblr/links/rhel67-x86_64
   # If any cobbler repo definitions were referenced in the kickstart profile, 
include them here.
   repo --name=el6-x86_64-local 

That "10.old.srv.addr" should be the "".

There are no references to the old address in the client's "system", or its 
profile or the Cobbler "foo.ks" kickstart template.

Yet something, somewhere, somehow is clinging tenaciously to the old network.

The "dhcp.template" contains:
   subnet netmask {
     next-server                $next_server;   <-- presumably using the 
"next_server" from "settings"

   subnet netmask {
     #next-server                $next_server;
     next-server      ;   <-- explicit reference to 
new network's server address

The "/etc/cobbler/settings" file still has:
   next_server: 10.old.srv.addr
but we want to keep this for the time being to continue to serve our existing 

Any clues, please?

If the answer is "not available in 2.6.5 but is available later", then I'll set 
about planning an upgrade.

-- David Lee
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