We have a provisioning server with 5 interfaces on different vlans. We
are running 2.6.11 but the solution we have may still be relevant to

The bit in the dhcp template that is relevant is the host loop at the

you need to uncomment the iface.nextserver bit 

 ## Cobbler defaults to $next_server, but some users 

 ## may like to use $iface.system.server for proxied setups 

 next-server $iface.next_server; 

Also, you will need to generate a new profile for the new next_server
and set a dhcp tag and a server override. I think the tag name can be
anything, the server override needs to point at the new next_server. 

The documentation on this is seriously lacking. I just took a guess that
the iface.next_server will be filled in by the server override. It works
for us but it's all very poorly documented and explained on the web and
in the man pages. 



On 2016-09-19 18:31, David Lee wrote: 

> Cobbler folks,
> RHEL6; cobbler 2.6.5 (yes, I know it's old!)
> I have a feeling this ought to be a trivial question, but I can't find the 
> answer.
> We have been using Cobbler for several years. (Indeed, I've even contributed 
> a little to the documentation a few years ago.) That usage has been over a 
> single "provisioning" interface on a single provisioning network (similar to 
> "10.old.0.0" with the server address "10.old.srv.addr" and that same value 
> being in the "settings" field "next_server:"). Very simple. Works well.
> We are adding a second such network over another interface ("10.new.0.0"). 
> When I PXE boot a client (say "new-client") over this new network, the TFTP 
> stuff works fine. But I then get "error downloading kickstart file" which 
> includes the URL of the server's *old* interface (on the original network).
> When I do
> cobbler cobbler system getks --name=new-client
> the output is full of references to the *old* network, instead of the new, 
> such as:
> # Use network installation
> url --url=http://10.old.srv.addr/cblr/links/rhel67-x86_64 [1]
> # If any cobbler repo definitions were referenced in the kickstart profile, 
> include them here.
> repo --name=el6-x86_64-local 
> --baseurl=http://10.old.srv.addr/local/el6/x86_64 [2]
> ...
> That "10.old.srv.addr" should be the "10.new.srv.addr".
> There are no references to the old address in the client's "system", or its 
> profile or the Cobbler "foo.ks" kickstart template.
> Yet something, somewhere, somehow is clinging tenaciously to the old network.
> The "dhcp.template" contains:
> subnet 10.old.foo.0 netmask {
> ...
> next-server $next_server; <-- presumably using the "next_server" from 
> "settings"
> }
> subnet 10.new.0.0 netmask {
> ...
> #next-server $next_server;
> next-server 10.new.srv.addr; <-- explicit reference to new network's server 
> address
> }
> The "/etc/cobbler/settings" file still has:
> next_server: 10.old.srv.addr
> but we want to keep this for the time being to continue to serve our existing 
> estate.
> Any clues, please?
> If the answer is "not available in 2.6.5 but is available later", then I'll 
> set about planning an upgrade.
> -- David Lee
> -- ECMWF
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[1] http://10.old.srv.addr/cblr/links/rhel67-x86_64
[2] http://10.old.srv.addr/local/el6/x86_64

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