Congratulations also to Glenn Walbek for findings this rare bird! Very 
exacting. I am wondering if this bird is the same jaeger I saw at the 
Marina Sandspit at Chatfield on the 9th of this month in Douglas County, on 
week ago. This jaeger I believe to have been a Parasitic and also a 
juvenile. It is being reviewed by the CBRC now, I have three photos of it 
for them to look over. It would be impossible to say for sure if it is the 
same bird of course, but if so it is a traveling bird, possibility having 
crossed into Jefferson over South Platte Reservoir's small Jeffoc part 
across the highway from Chatfield, which it looked like might be doing at 
one point, that would make it a tri county jaeger! Interesting to try and 
piece  together the movements of this bird. Here is my checklist from that 
time if any one would like to compare photos,

Brian Johnson
Englewood CO

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 8:44:48 AM UTC-6, Joe Roller wrote:
> Many thanks for Glenn Walbek for finding and photographing this 
> mega-rarity!
> Parasitic Jaeger (aka Arctic Skua) is rare in CO, and there is only one 
> previous record from CCSP, also a juvenile, accepted by CBRC, with photos, 
> from Sept 16-24, 1973.
> Ref: "Bob and Bob," *Colorado BIrds*, Robert Andrews, Robert Righter, 
> published by Denver Museum of Natural History, 1992). That record has not 
> made it into the eBird database
> yet, but will soon be added.
> Joe Roller, Denver
> Stercorarius-o-phile

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