Adding to the theme started by David Suddjian about Dippers adapting to 
different environments, today, Sandy and I visited the  North Clear Creek 
Falls, located off 149, The Silver Thread Scenic Byway in Hinsdale County, 
Forest Road 510.  Halfway up the falls we saw an American Dipper foraging on 
the side of the watery cliffs,  darting close to and behind  tumbling water, 
and also foraging on the algae, where the water would spill onto the ledges.

The North Clear Creek Falls is also the most accessible place in Colorado to 
watch Black Swifts, mostly June through August, the early morning to late 
afternoons or if lucky any time. At the overlook there are four informational 
signs, one which points out the Black Swifts' summer and winter range and how 
the ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIRD OBSERVATORY, with their skilled biologists, were able 
to strap geo-locators onto the Swifts, which eventually revealed the Swifts' 
winter range.

Bob Righter
Denver CO

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