I visited deKoevend Park (Arapahoe Co.) this evening, hoping to collect my 
first juncos at the park. (There were a half dozen in my yard near the 
park, so I thought I might spot one there too.) I didn't see any, but a 
walk along the High Line Canal trail on the southwest side of the park 
yielded many robins, a Townsend Solitaire, seven White-crowned Sparrows, 
and my first Hermit Thrush at deKoevend. 

I took the High Line Canal Trail back home, stopping on the southern edge 
of the park to watch, count, and photograph a flock of Bushtit. I'm glad I 
did. Above the Bushtit were a few Black-capped Chickadee. Above the 
chickadee were three Downy Woodpecker. Above the woodpeckers was a 
Black-and-White Warbler, my first in Colorado. (Photographs of the bird, 
which was fairly high in trees across the canal from me, are in my eBird 
checklist: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S32012559.)

Two days ago, I had the good fortune of watching a late Common Nighthawk at 

- Jared Del Rosso
Centennial, CO

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