Hello Fellow Birders,
   Saw a few interesting variants during the MVCF this past weekend:
-  A melanisitic Lesser Sand Hill Crane whose neck and head feathers looked 
'terrible'.  Speculation was that it might have feather lice.
-  A white-headed Redhead duck.  This year-old female was a real trick to 
identify; my companion and I finally pegged her as a partially leucistic female 
Redhead because she was in the company of a standard male Redhead and her body 
feathers were consistent with a female Redhead.  But how, you might ask, did we 
know she was a year-old bird?  Well, when I described her to a USFWS person who 
works on the Refuge he said he'd banded a juvenile female Redhead with a white 
head last year!
- A Cinammon/Blue-winged Teal hybrid was seen and photographed by several 
people (not me, I just saw the photos).
- There were still all three species of Rosy-finches at the Hochstettler 
- Lots of Mountain Bluebirds moving through.
- A paucity of raptor species, but lots of Red-tailed Hawks and Great-horned 
Owls.  One Prairie Falcon, one Bald Eagle, One Rough-legged Hawk, a couple of 
American Kestrels.  I saw no Ferruginous Hawks, Merlins, Peregrines or Golden 
eagles - all species I've seen there in past years.
Keep Smilin',
Kevin Corwin
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