>> With which metavariables and corresponding programming interfaces can 
>> strings that
>> are passed to such functions be checked in more detail by the Coccinelle 
>> software?
> The simplest would be to use python or ocaml code to make the checks that
> are needed.  You can use cocci.include_match(False) in python or
> Coccilib.include_match false in ocaml when your test detects that
> something is not suitable.

Thanks for your suggestion.

> coccinelle/demos/first.cocci may be helpful.

I have got the impression that this small SmPL script demonstrates the usage
of the mentioned function from your software library only for a simple position 
I do not see the way so far how desired data could be extracted from a function
(or expression?) parameter. Would you like to make the introspection options a 
clearer for the SmPL interface?

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