Thanks Thierry!

On 10/18/2016 06:54 PM, Thierry Martinez wrote:
> This should now be fixed in trunk. Thank you for the report.
> The support of --with-python had been dropped since the Python version
> was determined during run-time since 1.0.5 (even if it had not been
> properly documented, sorry for that). The option --with-python is now
> restored in trunk to specify the name of the default Python
> interpreter. The interpreter can also be changed by passing the option
> --python in the command line of spatch.
> Note that it is still possible that Fedora 23 and 24 are shipped with
> Python versions that have not been tested yet. If such a similar error
> is still raised with trunk, would you give me the output of
> "python3 --version"?
Coccinelle works now again with python3 on both F23 and F24.

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