On Sep 21, 2016, at 21:47 , Jeff Evans <jev...@ars-nova.com> wrote:
> Of course, so [[NSArray alloc]init] is actually useless; I hadn't thought of 
> that. No one would ever declare an array that way.

Just continuing my nitpicking tour of this thread:

It isn’t useless. Sometimes you really want an empty array. For example, there 
are Cocoa APIs that have a parameter that’s an array of (say) options. In some 
cases, an API might accept nil as meaning “no options”, but in others it might 
throw an exception. It’s safer to pass [[NSArray alloc] init], or [NSArray 
array], or @[].

Another example where it might be needed is if you’re using 
“arrayByAddingObject:” or “arrayByAddingObjectsFromArray:” to construct an 
array, and you might want to start, conditionally, from an existing array or an 
empty array.

So it’s degenerate perhaps, but not exactly useless.


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