I have a funny problem with the defaults of my screensaver.
Let me try to explain:

I read/write from/to the defaults like this:

        defaults_ = [[ScreenSaverDefaults defaultsForModuleWithName: 
@"de.zach"] retain];
        [defaults_ registerDefaults: appDefaults];
        [defaults_ synchronize];
        fontSize_ = [defaults_ integerForKey: @"FontSize"];

Later, when the user has modified some default values, I write to the default 
file like so:

        [defaults_ setInteger: fontSize_ forKey: @"FontSize"];
        [defaults_ synchronize];

This creates a file de.zach.855E4C13-F312-5D3A-BCA7-BDFFC2C65E42.plist

Now, occasionally, a new defaults file appears with a different ID (the long 
number at the end of the file name).
I never created that ID, but it makes my screensaver "forget" the original 

Any ideas why this happens will be appreciated.

Best regards, 


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