>>>> We have two issues with the dynamic framework
>>>> 1. It makes it easier to pirate our technology (having our stuff neatly 
>>>> packaged seperaterly)
>>> I may be misunderstanding you, but why does your code need to be separate? 
>>> Can’t you statically link against your framework, which dynamically opens 
>>> OpenCV (packaged as a framework)?
>> At the moment, we deliver a static framework. This is linked statically to 
>> the client's app and delivered inside the main executable to the app store. 
>> If we switch to a dynamic library then our library will be a separate 
>> component that is delivered as such to the app store. The potential pirate 
>> will only have to dig our the library from the application package (and 
>> overcome the other protections, of-course)
> OK, but is there anything stopping you from having your static library 
> dynamically open OpenCV?

Perhaps not but I'm wondering
a. Will it actually solve the issue (the conflict with the clients OpenCV)?
b. Is it possible to package a static framework with a dynamic library in one 


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