I've been stumbling the past couple of days through the sendmail logicsheet and sendmail actions in 2.1-M1.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

Include generated content (i.e. content produced by a pipeline) into the body of an email sent by sendmail action or logicsheet.

This is possible only by using the util logicsheet.

The sendmail action has been a deadend, so I've looked at the sendmail logicsheet. Below is mail.xsp, my attempt to implement sending a message

Both share the same code, so if one does not work, the other is unlikely to do better. However, mind sharing why the action didn't work out?

body created by a pipeline. Please note that I have defined the necessary namespaces in the xsp:page element:

<sendmail:body>The results of processing the pipeline triggered at the uri: workPlanning/contents. are below.<br/>
<!-- NB: the request below has been tested and works when called directly -->
<cinclude:include src="cocoon://workPlanning/contents" element="included" />

This does not work as it adds the result of the inclusion to the SAX stream _directed_at_the_client_ while you need to have it as e.g. string to pass to sendmail.

The "correct" solution is to use <sendmail:attachment url="cocoon://workPlanning/contents"/> to pull in the generated content.
AFAIR you could as well do <xsp:expr><util:get-source uri="cocoon://workPlanning/contents"/></xsp:expr>

I'd appreciate some assistance with this. Once I've found my way around this problem, I'll write up a how-to for the cocoondev.org wiki.



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