to get rid of indentation (blanks and whitespace at the beginning of lines) in your HTML, setup your html serialier with the "indent" element set to "no".

Hmm, interesting. Is there a way to get rid of all the spaces between tags? That would be ideal.

For XSL stylesheets I found xsl:strip-space and just used <xsl:strip-space elements="*"/>.

Thang To on this list also suggested the XSL function normalize-space, although that's only for text strings.

But if I'm not using XSL, then how do I take out all whitespace between tags in an XML doc?

Anyway, if your want a real performance improvement, instruct your webserver to compress the response (both IIS and Apache have this capability, and most browsers support it).

Another good suggestion. I'm curious much CPU power does the compression take on the server-side? Is it reasonable to make browsers decompress the incoming data stream? Assuming a user has a pretty low-end machine (I'm working on a site that will be used mostly by women, so they're not tech people whatsoever), would it be slower than just sending the document uncompressed?

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