Please let me know if this is possible with Cocoon to accomplish the following:  

When I click a "Send Email" button on the page, the application will create a rtf file 
on the server, and then sendMail will send email to an email address entered by the 
user with attachment of the rtf file and idealy the rtf file should be deleted from 
the server.  

Here is what I have so far.  1.   I am able to create a rtf file and display it in a 
browser.  The user has the option to save it to their hard drive.  Do you know how I 
can write it to the server behind the scene, meaning without opening it in a browser.  
2.  I am able to send emails from the mail sample page with attachment either from a 
file or from a url.  

Basically it is a pipeline chaining issue, I think.  Please let me now if what I'm 
planning to do is feasible in Cocoon.  I will appreciate any ideas and thoughts from 



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