Hi Konstantin,
My sitemap configuration is as follows:
<map:transformer     name="i18n"      src="">
I dont have anything like untranslated-text in my sitemap configuration,,,
I cannot understand where does this untranslated-text comes from??
Take a look at i18n transformer configuration in your sitemap. Probably it defines \
the 'untranslated-text' parameter which is used instead of the key value.

-- Konstantin
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  From: Kavitha Ramesh
  Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 18:30
  Subject: i18n


  I read the following in a documentation:

  untranslated-text: text used for untranslated keys (default is to output the key \

  But when I dont have translations in my messages.xml, i get something like \
"untranslated-text".Actually it should display the key name.I use IBM Websphere 4.0 \
with Cocoon 2.0.  If someone has any solutions pls tell me.

  Kavitha Ramesh.

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