On 26.Jun.2003 -- 10:04 AM, Dmitry Diskin wrote:
> Hello
> I noticed that if I insert any tag between closing </esql:query> and 
> opening <esql:results> - nothing works. Is it a known situation and 
> documented somewhere?
> Example below doesn't work:
>   <esql:connection>
>     <esql:pool>mypool</esql:pool>
>     <esql:execute-query>
>       <esql:query>
>         select * from something
>       </esql:query>
>       <tmp>
>       <esql:results>
>         <esql:row-results>
>           <record>some data here</record>
>         </esql:row-results>
>       </esql:results>
>       </tmp>
>     </esql:execute-query>
>   </esql:connection>
> If I remove <tmp></tmp> tags - it works!

I guess it is not documented -- please feel free to add to

Even if it were allowed (that is the xpath expressions would use
descendant instead of child), the tag would just be swallowed. If you
need to enclose your result with <tmp/>, place it behind the
esql:results tag or in front of the esql:execute-query tag.

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