It's mentioned as ToDo for XSP (first entry for medium priority):

At the moment you will need a custom stylesheet I guess.


Dmitry Diskin wrote:

Is there a way to get resulting XML document without those blank lines? For example, if I write:

<xsp:attribute name="tsl_number"><esql:get-int column="tsl" /></xsp:attribute>
<xsp:attribute name="subslot"><esql:get-int column="subslot" /></xsp:attribute>
<xsp:attribute name="sapi"><esql:get-int column="sapi" /></xsp:attribute>
<xsp:attribute name="tei"><esql:get-int column="tei" /></xsp:attribute>

in XML I get this:


<tsl tsl_number="13" subslot="0" sapi="0" tei="4">


<tsl tsl_number="15" subslot="0" sapi="0" tei="12">


<tsl tsl_number="17" subslot="-1" sapi="62" tei="1">


<tsl tsl_number="18" subslot="0" sapi="0" tei="1">

How can I remove those empty lines? I do not want to write all attributes in one line in my XSP. :)


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