I'm trying to access my cocoon application on my computer with a real
mobile device (a panasonic GD67 GPRS) but I'm always getting 'unsupported
content type'.
With emulators it all worked properly but now I'm getting this problem on
a real mobile. I'm using custom generators to create XML and then I'm
using xsl to convert the xml into WML.
I'm managing to connect to the application with my mobile but it seems
that the problem is that no proper WML is given out.

Maybe I have to arrange something in the serializer of the sitemap for wml?

I would appreciate any hints and help..

I'm using Jdk 1.4.1 , Tomcat 4.1.18, Cocoon 2.0.4

(The mobile's user agent string is: Panasonic-GAD67/1.0 UP.Browser/

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