Cocoon's form handling is (imho) it's weakest area at present although it is rapidly improving with the interplay between flow and xmlform.

Unless your app is simple, I'd recommend not wasting time on the simple form validator and db actions. "Pure" xmlforms where you end up writing java code for each form is elegant but time consuming. I've not looked in detail at woody.

However, I'd strongly recommend that you take a look at the petstore sample. This uses javascript as the interface to the persistence layer part of your model and (to my taste) a really easy to understand but flexible logic layer in a separate javascript file. The sample has switchable view layers that can be velocity/xslt/jxpath/jsomethingelse. The velocity vesion is very clean and easy to read (but there again, I used to be an assembler programmer!). Use is made of xmlform - with validation done in either schematron and/or javascript.



Luke Penca wrote:
Are textareas implemented in Woody yet? I cannot find anything in the (oh so sparse) documentation.

Furthermore, has anyone used Woody extensively yet? (I know, I know, it's alpha at this point but I need some serious forms handling.) Should I be considering Xforms instead? Who got some experience getting their hands bloodied with forms in Cocoon? I'm ever anxious to find out.

Thanks in advance,



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