Hello all,
        As per the Cocoon contribution guidelines, I've made some Cocoon extensions
source code available for download at:
There are two files that meet the guidelines for contribution to the Cocoon
code base:
org.apache.cocoon.acting.MultiPartPostAction.java &

Together, these will allow Cocoon to accept a multi part post containing an
uploaded file and kickoff a pipeline by parsing the file's contents for

I've used this source to configure a Cocoon installation as a real-time data
conversion service. Using the service, a user can upload a file in XML
format, and immediately receive a response containing the same data in any
format supported by Cocoon Serializers.
A sample sitemap.xconf is included in the header comments of
MultiPartPostAction. My hope is that these contributions will make their way
into the Coccon code base. Please let me know if I can assist in any way.
Please note that the other files (not the two described above) found in this
distribution rely on GPL code and can not be released under the Apache

-Eric Simmerman

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