Thank you for this work and your interest in contributing.  I
hope this is the first of many.

Here are my thoughts after a quick look:

The MultiPartPostAction seems unnecessary.  What do you
gain by placing a copy of the uploaded file which is already in
the ObjectModel under the Request object directly in the

The FilePartGenerator OTOH seems useful (I don't think the existing
StreamGenerator will do this).  As noted above, the action is
not needed in the equation - you can just get the FilePart right
out of the Request in the Generator.  Then, I don't see the
reason behind the overloaded getInputSource() - the FilePart
is designed to allow polymorphism there - just cast the Request.get()
to FilePart and call FilePart.getInputStream() on it.  If you find
I'm correct, could you look at refactoring this and submitting a
patch to Bugzilla?  I'd be more than willing to help with anything
that doesn't make sense to you.

As far as I can see, none of the HSSF stuff is useful without the
GnumericWriter which is GPL.  The last I heard someone was working
directly in the poi project on a Gnumeric "generator" from Excel
that could then go straight in cvs.  Unless that is now not a
project that will ever happen for some reason, I'd be against
introducing even the hooks for a GPL version that would just get
replaced later.  If you want to keep this available for others to
contribute and benefit, I'd recommend approaching cocoondev which
can by its nature accomodate GPL.

By the way, I don't think you can legally use the cocoon package
name on the GPL source file - better pick another package name.

Still, I am just one voice - does anyone else have opinions one way
or the other?

Thanks again,
Geoff Howard

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> From: Simmerman, Eric [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 1:50 PM
> Subject: Contribution: MultiPartPostAction & FilePartGenerator
> Hello all,
>       As per the Cocoon contribution guidelines, I've made some
> Cocoon extensions
> source code available for download at:
> There are two files that meet the guidelines for contribution to
> the Cocoon
> code base:
> &
> Together, these will allow Cocoon to accept a multi part post
> containing an
> uploaded file and kickoff a pipeline by parsing the file's contents for
> generation.
> I've used this source to configure a Cocoon installation as a
> real-time data
> conversion service. Using the service, a user can upload a file in XML
> format, and immediately receive a response containing the same data in any
> format supported by Cocoon Serializers.
> A sample sitemap.xconf is included in the header comments of
> MultiPartPostAction. My hope is that these contributions will
> make their way
> into the Coccon code base. Please let me know if I can assist in any way.
> Please note that the other files (not the two described above)
> found in this
> distribution rely on GPL code and can not be released under the Apache
> license.
> Thanks,
> -Eric Simmerman
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