I'd appreciate a brief explanation (or pointer
to such) as to why:

<parameter name="href" value="file:///my-path-to-cocoon/logic/my-taglib.xsl"/>

works (placed inside the <builtin-logicsheet> section of 

and why:

<parameter name="href" value="resource://logic/my-taglib.xsl"/>

gives an error (the file could not be located).  I have seen both
forms of referencing used in examples, but cannot get the latter
to work...  can someone suggest why??

Related follow on:

IF I can get the resource:// to work, then it seems there are 
other issues,  Vadim writes:

"Ok, after looking into sources, I can say that if logicsheet is built-in
or not is not important. It is important how it is referenced from the
XSP or cocoon.xconf.

If it is referenced as a file then it is checked for modification using
File java API. If not (like resource://) - then it is not checked."

So - using  resource:// is better from a development/maintenance
point (I dont have to check the xconf file for changes if we move to
a new machine, or from production to public system, for example)
but if it requires restarting the servlet container, then this is NOT
good from a perspective of uptime and admin...

Comments/suggestions for this welcome


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