Derek Hohls wrote:

I'd appreciate a brief explanation (or pointer
to such) as to why:

<parameter name="href" value="file:///my-path-to-cocoon/logic/my-taglib.xsl"/>

works (placed inside the <builtin-logicsheet> section of cocoon.xconf)

and why:

<parameter name="href" value="resource://logic/my-taglib.xsl"/>

gives an error (the file could not be located). I have seen both
forms of referencing used in examples, but cannot get the latter
to work... can someone suggest why??

You know that resources are loaded by class loader, right? Which means that

<parameter name="href" value="resource://logic/my-taglib.xsl"/>

translates to

<parameter name="href" value="file:///my-path-to-cocoon/WEB-INF/classes/logic/my-taglib.xsl"/>

I guess that was the missing piece.

PS Due to the above (class loader) resources can be reloaded only together with all the classes. Redeploy of the whole webapp will pick up changes in the logicsheet but then you will have to manually delete all compiled XSPs because Cocoon will not know that it was changed.


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