Lenz, Evan wrote:
I have been periodically scanning the list for almost a year, hoping that
someone would take this bull by the horns, i.e. wsproxy in general. At SU
Law, we are currently supporting legacy ASP pages through use of the
HTMLGenerator and hard-coded GET params in sitemap.xmap. I have really been
looking forward to a better approach, especially since it would be nice to
just allow our Web developer to use her ASP skills to develop forms,
surveys, etc. (provided that they generate well-formed output) and know we
can integrate them into our Cocoon-based Web site in a solid and
maintenance-friendly way.

A year?! Yoink. I had some mods to the WSPG a while ago and I know it was working correctly. I don't think they were that long ago, though.

Other features needed to make WebServiceProxyGenerator feature-complete, at
least for us, include:

  * Remote HTTP authentication support
  * Reverse redirects, a la Apache's ProxyPassReverse directive [1]

I do know the HttpProxyGenerator was intended as a replacement for the WSPG, but as previous posts have mentioned, the newer proxygenerator doesn't contain all of the functionality of the WSPG yet. It would be nice to get all of the functionality merged into one nice component (which has the added bonus of working correctly ;) )


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