> A year?!  Yoink.  I had some mods to the WSPG a while ago and I know it
> was working correctly.  I
> don't think they were that long ago, though.

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that it had been completely broken for a year,
but just that for whatever reason it has never been up to snuff for what we
wanted to use it for.

> > Other features needed to make WebServiceProxyGenerator feature-complete,
> at
> > least for us, include:
> >
> >   * Remote HTTP authentication support
> >   * Reverse redirects, a la Apache's ProxyPassReverse directive [1]
> I do know the HttpProxyGenerator was intended as a replacement for the
> WSPG, but as previous posts
> have mentioned, the newer proxygenerator doesn't contain all of the
> functionality of the WSPG yet.
> It would be nice to get all of the functionality merged into one nice
> component (which has the added
> bonus of working correctly ;) )

Yes, that sounds good to me!


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