Hi there,

Finally got around to moving this. Since it's so tightly tied to Landscape.io I 
wasn't quite sure the best way to do it but that project is EOL really. Finally 
made the leap.

Prospector is now under PyCQA.

On 22/03/2018 01:48:06, Carlos Coêlho <carlospec...@gmail.com> wrote:
Any news on moving prospector to PyCQA?

Em 8 de mar de 2018, à(s) 21:06, Carl Crowder <carl.crow...@gmail.com 
[mailto:carl.crow...@gmail.com]> escreveu:

I would say that the motivation of pylint-plugin-utils was twofold:

First - it was a bit of a pain to try to figure out how to write a plugin. This 
was about 5 years ago though so not sure if that is still true but it took me a 
while to figure out. Docs on that could be better.

Second - it was really just a utility to make it easier to do several things 
which were useful, such as “skip this error in this context” or “add this error 
in this context”.

I definitely think the plugin API in pylint could be easier to use, I’m not 
sure if pylint-plugin-utils is the answer because it’s just a bandaid really. 
It could be useful to see the symptoms it was trying to solve though.


On 8 March 2018 at 21:51:29, Ashley Whetter (ash...@awhetter.co.uk 
[mailto:ash...@awhetter.co.uk]) wrote:
Does it make more sense to try and merge pylint plugin utils into pylint core?
If the plugin interface is clunky enough on its own that there exists utilities 
for creating plugins, then I think that's an issue that we need to look at 
I've been taking a look at this repository recently for the per directory 
config project in pylint to get sense of how the plugin interface is being used 
and getting ideas for the kind of thing that we should be aiming for.

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