This is a bit of mailing list administratativia.†

More specifically, many of you may have recently been unsubscribed to the 
Code4Lib mailing list, and this is/was apparently a feature of our mailing list 
software — LISTSERV. Even more specifically, many of us have been using Gmail 
accounts or have Google hosting our SMTP servers. In either case, Google 
servers have been more strict about what gets passed on as “not spam”, and our 
list’s domain has yet to meet the challenge. The “challenge” includes a mixture 
of Domain Name Server (DNS) configurations, various types of signatures in the 
email headers, etc. For more detail, see a Google FAQ. [1] The good people at 
CLIR/DLF (Wayne Graham, specifically) are on the case, and the whole thing may 
be resolved in a week or two. 

† Apparently “administratativia” is not a real word, but what the heck.

[1] FAQ -

Specifically Yours, Eric Morgan

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