Heya all-

A massive thank you to you, Ed, for all the work you do for this community - 
including supporting jobs.code4lib.org for so long. Thank you thank you thank 

A proposal to the rest of this list: I know I am, but are there others 
interested in pooling our knowledge, bandwidth, and resources to look towards 
supporting the future of jobs.code4lib.org? Perhaps if there is a group of 
folks, we could have a video chat/call/other in the next week or so to discuss 
what needs to be done, to then define a way forward? If you’re interested… 
respond to this message and we’ll coordinate a small group? I will keep putting 
proposals out there as questions? 


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>Hi everyone,
>If you have used jobs.code4lib.org in the past you may have noticed that job 
>posting has not really been functional for the past few weeks. The root cause 
>of this was the eventual shutdown of Google's Freebase API, which the 
>application relied on heavily for tagging employers, locations and subjects. 
>You can read more about it in this issue ticket if you are interested:
>  https://github.com/code4lib/shortimer/issues/38
>Unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth to refactor the code at this point. 
>Before the shutdown of the Freebase API I was actually finding it difficult to 
>moderate the many new jobs that would show up via RSS. In theory this could've 
>been done by any logged in user, but I was often the only person doing it. I'm 
>not complaining--I was the one who set it up to to work this way. I also have 
>been paying $20/month to host it, which isn't a lot -- but hey, it adds up.
>So .... this is all to say, on November 1st I am planning on creating a static 
>version of the site, and dumping the data as JSON, which I will put up on 
>Internet Archive for anyone else wanting to create a similar service. The code 
>will continue to live up at GitHub [1]. 
>I apologize if this rubs anyone the wrong way, but it is super to see people 
>still posting jobs to the email list as they always have. Applications age 
>like fish, data ages wine -- or so they say...
>[1] https://github.com/code4lib/shortimer

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