Hi all,

Yesterday, Stanford Libraries hosted the third Code4Lib Northern California 
regional meeting. We had about 25 participants from 7 institutions, including 
software developers, project managers, librarians, architects, operations, 
ranging from recent MLIS students to people with 30+ years of experience in the 

We held lightning talks in the morning, where we heard 11 presentations 

“Streaming logs using Fluentd for Zephir the HathiTrust’s Bibliographic 
Metadata Management System” from Jing Jiang, California Digital Library
an introduction to the Arclight project from Jessie Keck and Mark Matienzo, 
Stanford Libraries
an introduction to LOCKSS and current development from Mary-Ellen Petrich, 

In the afternoon, we had breakout sessions that discussed:
Distributed systems and Inter-Institutional Discovery Systems
Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Tooling and “Catmanduby”
*light (Blacklight, Arclight, Spotlight, Geoblacklight)
Security & regular user concerns
Amazon Web Services
Archival Description and practice

We also discussed future events for this group. We proposed possibly hosting a 
multi-day event with the Code4Lib Southern California group in Spring 2018, and 
a one-day regional meeting in Summer 2018. We’re also interested in holding 
some project-based events as a continuation of some of our breakouts.

If you’re interested in getting involved with our regional group, you can find 
us on the Code4Lib Slack #norcal channel; #c4lnorcal on Twitter; or our email 
list here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/code4lib-norcal 

Code4Lib NorCal Organizers

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