On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 2:24 PM, Tom Hutchinson <thutc...@swarthmore.edu>

> It may make sense to take a hybrid approach. You could store locally
> and put a copy in the dark cloud for safekeeping. If you are only
> going to have one copy, a reputable cloud storage provider isn't a bad
> choice. More than one copy is better.

If the videos need to be accessed regularly, this will work well and be
cost effective.

Storing multiple copies in the cloud is spendy and unnecessary since Amazon
will already have your data spread across multiple datacenters. Rather,
enable versioning since that gives you access to changed and deleted

There is no need to go with a singular solution. For example, Dropbox is a
great way to protect files that you're actively working on. It's use
friendly, the local disk caching ensures good performance, and everything
you do will be automatically versioned and uploaded to the cloud so you're
fine if something happens. When you're done working with it, you can push
it to Glacier.

I personally would not find in house preservation tempting. Doing this in a
way that delivers reliable and verifiable protection is going to take a lot
of time. Multiple times in my career, I have witnessed serious loss of data
resulting from information that couldn't be recovered as expected. Also, in
house solutions effectively transfer a chunk of your personnel resources
from your core services to IT.


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