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I am writing on behalf of the Digital Library Federation's Metadata
Assessment Working Group.  The group's aim is "to build guidelines, best
practices, tools & workflows around the evaluation and assessment of
metadata used by and for digital libraries and repositories."  Among the
tasks we have set ourselves is to gather content for a "Metadata Application
Profile Clearinghouse" website.  This site will have links to "metadata
application profiles, mappings, code and best practice documents from many
different types of institutions." It is currently accessible at:


We would be interested in including any such documents related to your
institution's work in digital metadata.  You can upload PDF versions through
https://goo.gl/forms/NhF8lNUslINBfBsd2 if you have a Google account or you
can also submit them directly via GitHub at:


Please contact us at:
<mailto:dlf-aig-metadata-assessment-working-gr...@googlegroups.com>  for
further information.


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Kate Flynn
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Chicago Collections

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University of Illinois at Chicago
University Library (MC 234)
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