I need some advice regarding writing in Python 2 versus Python 3.

I have been trying to write more of my software in Python because everybody 
around me is speaking French (Ruby), Italian (R), or Spanish (Javascript) when 
I’m speaking in Latin (Perl). My latest example is a set of command-line tools 
(Bash as well as Python) designed to do scalable reading against HathiTrust 
content. [1] I originally wrote the tools in Python 2. Since then I learned 
more about the HathiTrust Research Center “capsules” (on-demand virtual 
machines), and there Python 3 is the default environment. So, I tweaked my code 
and it works out-of-the-box and as expected. 

On the other hand, my kewl tools no longer work in my local environment because 
I use Python 2, and I don’t feel like installing YAVoP (Yet Another Version of 
Python) on my server(s). 

What’d do you suggest? Do you suggest writing in: 1) Python 2 or 2) Python 3 or 
3) a combination of both?

[1] HathiTrust Research Center Workset Browser - 
[2] HathiTrust Research Center “capsules” - 

Eric Morgan

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