While OpenID has potential within certain contexts, I have difficulty seeing
it being quickly adopted by libraries, universities, or other entities that
need to relate real identities to an OpenID. OpenID doesn¹t do trust; it
explicitly says it is not a trust system. For libraries to adopt OpenID,
they need to somehow link OpenID to a trust system. It isn¹t clear to me
that there is enough added value to libraries at this point to adopt OpenID
­ of course, I¹d be glad to buy someone a beer if they provide a use case to
convince me otherwise ;-)

-- jaf

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> On 3/22/07, Don McMorris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> >
>> > Ryan's message (I guess seeing "academia") made me think of Athens,
>> > which made me further think "Hey, Subscription Databases are just
>> > ITCHING for OpenID!".  I mean, come on... The methods we have for
>> > database authentication aren't working well...
> Well, naturally, academia has thought of this and overengineered it to
> death:
>  http://shibboleth.internet2.edu/
> which is why it's taken 7years so far and there is still very few
> implementations.
> -Ross.

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