i can see many library administrators being skeptical about openid...
at my library we're actively looking at shibboleth. i don't know enough
about either one yet to speak intelligently about them,
but..doesn't shibboleth operate similarly to openid?


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Jeremy Frumkin wrote:
While OpenID has potential within certain contexts, I have difficulty seeing
it being quickly adopted by libraries, universities, or other entities that
need to relate real identities to an OpenID. OpenID doesn¹t do trust; it
explicitly says it is not a trust system. For libraries to adopt OpenID,
they need to somehow link OpenID to a trust system. It isn¹t clear to me
that there is enough added value to libraries at this point to adopt OpenID
­ of course, I¹d be glad to buy someone a beer if they provide a use case to
convince me otherwise ;-)

-- jaf

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Ryan's message (I guess seeing "academia") made me think of Athens,
which made me further think "Hey, Subscription Databases are just
ITCHING for OpenID!".  I mean, come on... The methods we have for
database authentication aren't working well...

Well, naturally, academia has thought of this and overengineered it to


which is why it's taken 7years so far and there is still very few


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