On Wed, 2009-04-01 at 14:17 +0100, Mike Taylor wrote:
> Ed Summers writes:
>  > Assuming a world where you cannot de-reference this DOI what is it
>  > good for?
> It wouldn't be good for much if you couldn't dereference it at all.
> The point is that (I argue) the identifier shouldn't tie itself to a
> particular dereferencing mechanism (such as dx.doi.org, or amazon.com)
> but should be dereferenced by software that knows what's the most
> appropriate dereferencing mechanism _for you_ in your situation, with
> your subscriptions, at particular distances from specific libraries,
> etc.

Heh, that sounds like a good idea. Maybe we could call it an OpenURL?

And that distinction about having a dereferencing mechanism sounds okay,
but let's call it a ... service. Then we could define an architecture
for that sort of thing rather than a Resource oriented one.  We could
call it a Service Oriented Architecture.

Oh, wait... 


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