2009/7/22 Wayne Lam <wing...@gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
>  I am new in here and i am currently worked in the library too.
> I am always confused that when i read the post in here, there are always
> something i don't understand
> and there are so much to learn.
>  So, the question is, hows everybody learns to be a good coder for
> libraries, what s the secret and what
> kind of technology are most important to learn?

Hi, Wayne, welcome aboard.  I do sympathise -- sometimes it seems that
there is just an amazing amount to learn, and even having been working
in library programming for well over a decade I am always coming
across concepts that are new to me.  I'm afraid there is no secret or
short cut -- you just have to gradually assimilate the many concepts
as you go along.  Don't worry, it DOES start to feel less intimidating
fairly quickly.

If you want a crib-sheet that will explain a lot of the common
acronyms and terms related to XML, then might find this page useful:

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