Thank you so much for all the reply.
Maybe i should say something about my background first.
I was a business (information system) (a half computer, half business
degree) student but i work in IT industry for more than 5 years (mainly web
I learnt some basic language by that time (outdated already) and i did pick
up some new technology thanks to google.
I know some of the programming/scripting language mostly web-based (PHP,
ASP, Java, javascript ,etc) but not in a very "high level". (Like i can read
and write some code from opensource project to fit my needs, create some
little programme using OO approach).

The reason of my question is i feel that coding in library is very
complicated and advanced. For example, there are both traditional technology
like MARC and Z39.5 and developing technology like Semantic web, RDF. And
there are traditional properitary ILS, opensource ILS and some very nice
discovery tools like VuFind and also some Institute Repository software. All
these very board and wide variety of software, technology in it make me
don't know where to start and learn which one first over the other one.

So i start browsing on the internet about what OAI, Solr and all related
thing without a direction, reading books on what Semantic web is and
subscribe some mailing list of interesting projects. But for a newbie like
me, it was a bit like information overflow for me. There are so many
technology that are new to me and i am afraid that by the time i manage to
"know" it, that became an old-fashion already. I am wondering if there are
some way that i can learn it in a structural way.

Thanks all


2009/7/22 Joe Atzberger <>

> It's about time to make this thread a wiki post.
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