2009/7/22 Jacob <skoc...@gmail.com>:
>> These are books that I have come back to time and time again.  They
>> contain treasures worth a hundred time more than whatever currently
>> trendy Design Pattern is being pushed by this month's hot book.
> You surely don't mean the GoF classic here, do you? It's a must-have
> for anyone doing serious OOP, be it Java/C# or C++. It's a rather
> demanding lecture and one should stay away from it unless he really
> feels needing it :). It's known to do more harm than good at times.
> Nevertheless, It does save you from re-inventing the wheel each time
> you have a particular design problem.

No, I didn't have the the GoF book in mind!  Maybe I should have taken
a little longer of crafting that sentence, and eliminated the
not-really-relevant reference to Patterns -- my target was really
flavour-of-the-month stuff that everyone will have forgotten in 2010.
Whatever the GoF book's faults, it has at least demonstrated

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