Alejandro Garza Gonzalez wrote:
1) You *can* use GA and some Javascript embedded in your III pages to log "events" (as they┬┤re called in GA lingo). The javascript (depending on your coding wizardry level) could track anything from hovers over elements, form submission, "next page" events, etc.

Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for a great suggestion. I tried poking around at it; it seems to me like Events aren't built for what I'm really interested in doing, namely systematic exploration and analysis of the search sessions. IOW, let's say a form looks like


It looks like I could log this as three separate events, or one; but either way, how would one analyze this? I'm not interested (solely) in how many times this particular query was entered.

I started looking at ways to funnel the params into my own tracking script, the prototype of which just writes a line to a text file with a JSON serialization of the form data; but I'm not a JS ninja, so I'm still trying to figure out how to get around the XSS problems.

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