To get around XSS you can use GET requests to your logging script, sending the data as arguments by one of two methods (maybe there are others?):

   * one way is to just "get" an Image by setting an image's SRC to
     your logging script.
   * another is to have an inline IFRAME where you also change its SRC
     to your logging script's URL.

You might have to have some built-in delay to let the logging script have time to actually log the event before the form gets submitted... I'm thinking using setTimeout() in javascript.


Yitzchak Schaffer said the following on 23/11/2009 06:01 p.m.:
Alejandro Garza Gonzalez wrote:
1) You *can* use GA and some Javascript embedded in your III pages to log "events" (as they´re called in GA lingo). The javascript (depending on your coding wizardry level) could track anything from hovers over elements, form submission, "next page" events, etc.

Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for a great suggestion. I tried poking around at it; it seems to me like Events aren't built for what I'm really interested in doing, namely systematic exploration and analysis of the search sessions. IOW, let's say a form looks like


It looks like I could log this as three separate events, or one; but either way, how would one analyze this? I'm not interested (solely) in how many times this particular query was entered.

I started looking at ways to funnel the params into my own tracking script, the prototype of which just writes a line to a text file with a JSON serialization of the form data; but I'm not a JS ninja, so I'm still trying to figure out how to get around the XSS problems.

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