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try this: http://code.google.com/p/xml2json-xslt/

I should have mentioned that I already tried everything I could find after
googling - this stylesheet doesn't meet the requirements, not by far. It
drops attributes just like simplexml_json does.

The one thing I didn't try is a program called 'BadgerFish.php' which I
couldn't locate - Google once indexed it at badgerfish.ning.com

  - Godmar

I'd be interested in collaborating with you on creating one. I'd bounced this question off the CouchDB IRC channel a while back, and the summary was that you'd generally create a JSON structure for your document and then right the code to map the XML to JSON. However, I do think something more "generic" like Google's GData to JSON would fit the bill for most use cases...sadly, it doesn't seem they've made the conversion code available.

If you're looking at putting MARC into JSON, there was some discussion of that during code4lib 2010. Johnathan Rochkind, who was at code4lib 2010 blogged about marc-json recently:
He references a project that Bill Dueber's been playing with for a year:

All told, there's growing momentum for a MARC in JSON format to be created, so you might jump in there.

Additionally, I'd love to find a project building code to do what Google's done with the GData to JSON format. If you find one, I'd enjoy seeing it.

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