On 3/5/10 2:46 PM, Ross Singer wrote:
On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 2:06 PM, Benjamin Young<byo...@bigbluehat.com>  wrote:

A CouchDB friend of mine just pointed me to the BibJSON format by the
Bibliographic Knowledge Network:

Might be worth looking through for future collaboration/transformation
marc-json and BibJSON serve two different purposes:  marc-json would
need to be a loss-less serialization of a MARC record which may or may
not contain bibliographic data (it may be an authority, holding or CID
record, for example).  BibJSON is more of a merging of data model and
serialization (which, admittedly, is no stranger to MARC) for the
purpose of bibliographic /citations/.  So it will probably be lossy
and there would most likely be a lot of MARC data that is out of

That's not to say it wouldn't be useful to figure out how to get from
MARC->BibJSON, but from my perspective it's difficult to see the
advantage it brings (being tied to JSON) vs. BIBO.

Thanks for the clarification, Ross. I thought it would be helpful (if nothing else) to see how data was being mapped in a related domain into and out of JSON. I'm new to library data in general, so I appreciate the clarification on which format is for what.


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