Dear Jonathan and Edward,

Thank you for your kindness. I will let you know, if the initiative
were successfull.


ps. Edward: if you come to Hungary, and you would like to hear some
advice about nice places here, drop me a private email, maybe I can
help you.

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As Jonathan pointed out, there is nobody to ask formal permission - just go ahead and do it. Personally, I would love to see some of these regional code4lib conferences/meetups/symposium/whatever happen around the world. Who knows, I might even show up to one :-).

Edward - who actually plans to be in Hungry for a day or two in late June on his way to Romania.

Jonathan Rochkind wrote:
There's nobody to ask formal permission for, but I think you've done the right thing by suggesting it on this listserv and seeing what "the community" thinks.

As one member of the community, I think that's a great idea and an appropriate use of the code4Lib name, and I expect that everyone else will think so too. You are also welcome to use the Code4Lib wiki if it's useful for your local group/meeting. You can see that other local/regional/national Code4Lib meetups very similar to what you envision have already listed themselves on the wiki and make use of the wiki. Look under "Local / Regional Groups" on . You are welcome to list your group on the wiki and use the wiki if you like.


Király Péter wrote:

I would like to ask you, whether is there somebody, from whom I can ask
permissions, to use the name for an unconference meetup, where Hungarian library coders could talk, and pair-program in a style of a Drupal
codesprint or OCLC mashaton?

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