The Android SDK includes an emulator 
(, but I like the one from Phonegap 
( written in AIR. It allows you two switch between 
different mobile device skins and has a simulated accelerometer and geolocation 


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On 3/10/10 2:56 PM, "Michael Silver" <> wrote:

I don't know nothing 'bout birthing no babies or android apps, but the
android developer site lists an emulator and virtual machines on the
page at


On 10/03/2010 12:37 PM, Jill Ellern wrote:
> Code4Lib folks,
> I was very impressed with the talks at the conference on Mobile Catalog 
> searching and what to do a show and tell for my library staff.  However, Kim 
> Griggs presentation doesn't appear to be up yet...:(  (I really liked your 
> presentation!  Others did great too...) And I didn't take good enough notes 
> because I was hoping to play that presentation to my library folks...
> So we were wondering,  Is there a mobile emulator for the Android phone you 
> would recommend?
> Is there a list somewhere of sites that show off Mobile searching well that 
> you would recommend?
> Jill

Michael Silver
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School of Library and Information Studies
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