I personally would vote for: "This guy's on the bleeding edge.  Personally, I'd 
hold off, but it could
work."  However, I attended a webinar on MongoDB and apparently the 
representative stated that SourceForge has moved to a NoSQL platform using 
MongoDB and tested their load with 100x growth and visits of what they are 
already seeing and had zero issues with scalability.  That's pretty impressive.
Oh, it also managed to be more efficient than a traditional RDBMS.
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From: Code for Libraries on behalf of Thomas Dowling
Sent: Mon 4/12/2010 10:55 AM
Subject: [CODE4LIB] NoSQL - is this a real thing or a flash in the pan?

So let's say (hypothetically, of course) that a colleague tells you he's
considering a NoSQL database like MongoDB or CouchDB, to store a couple
tens of millions of "documents", where a document is pretty much an
article citation, abstract, and the location of full text (not the full
text itself).  Would your reaction be:

"That's a sensible, forward-looking approach.  Lots of sites are putting
lots of data into these databases and they'll only get better."

"This guy's on the bleeding edge.  Personally, I'd hold off, but it could

"Schedule that 2012 re-migration to Oracle or Postgres now."


Or something else?

(<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NoSQL> is a good jumping-in point.)

Thomas Dowling

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