> Noo!!! NoSQL is terrible for startup projects ;)
> http://labs.mudynamics.com/2010/04/01/why-nosql-is-bad-for-startups/

Yes, this one is great :)

But i think there are some real issues for companies in using databases. The 
matured RDBMS technology is backed up by mathematical theories. This does not 
hold for NoSQL systems as far as i know. Maybe there is no need here, hence 
NoSQL DBs dont want to support ACID style transactions and schema at all.

Having a database schema is crucial for integration of applications, and that 
is what relational DBs have actually been built for. Their main purpose is not 
in driving multi-server web-applications dealing with forum-users.


Having a data-store setup quickly without the need to think about actual 
data-structures seems a perfect match to agile, feature-driven application 
development. Because changing data-structures can be handled in a snap and 
domain model objects map so easy to documents.

RDBMS forces you to have some detailed analysis of your application domain 
before actual implementing your data-model. Complex relational schemas, once 
rolled-out, are likely to resist change. But there are approaches on this:




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