I wrote to-JSON proxy a while ago:

I found the Link360 doesn't handle load very well. Even a small burst of
requests leads to a spike in latency and error responses. I ask SS if this
was a bug or part of some intentional throttling attempt, but never received
a reply. Didn't pursue it further.

<http://libx.lib.vt.edu/services/link360/index.html> - Godmar

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 2:42 AM, David Pattern <d.c.patt...@hud.ac.uk>wrote:

> Hiya
> We're using it to add e-holdings into to our OPAC, e.g.
> http://library.hud.ac.uk/catlink/bib/396817/
> I've also tried using the API to add the coverage info to the
> "availability" text for journals in Summon (e.g. "Availability: print
> (1998-2005) & electronic (2000-present)").
> I've made quite a few tweaks to our 360 Link (mostly using jQuery), so I'm
> half tempted to have a go using the API to develop a complete replacement
> for 360 Link.  If anyone's already done that, I'd be keen to hear more.
> regards
> Dave Pattern
> University of Huddersfield
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> Rochkind [rochk...@jhu.edu]
> Sent: 19 April 2010 03:50
> Subject: [CODE4LIB] SerSol 360Link API?
> Is anyone using the SerSol 360Link API in a real-world production or
> near-production application?  If so, I'm curious what you are using it for,
> what your experiences have been, and in particular if you have information
> on typical response times of their web API.  You could reply on list or off
> list just to me. If I get interesting information especially from several
> sources, I'll try to summarize on list and/or blog either way.
> Jonathan
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