Heh, what I _eventually_ want to do is develop a plugin for Umlaut to let it talk to SerSol 360Link -- so Umlaut could be your complete replacement for 360 Link, that comes with LOTS of extra features. Keep it in mind as an option if you start heading that way! [As you know, I use Horizon too, so Umlaut already has some nice Horizon hooks].

Thanks for the info Dave. Do you have anything to say about response time of the SerSol API?


David Pattern wrote:

We're using it to add e-holdings into to our OPAC, e.g. 

I've also tried using the API to add the coverage info to the "availability" text for 
journals in Summon (e.g. "Availability: print (1998-2005) & electronic (2000-present)").

I've made quite a few tweaks to our 360 Link (mostly using jQuery), so I'm half 
tempted to have a go using the API to develop a complete replacement for 360 
Link.  If anyone's already done that, I'd be keen to hear more.

Dave Pattern
University of Huddersfield

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] SerSol 360Link API?

Is anyone using the SerSol 360Link API in a real-world production or 
near-production application?  If so, I'm curious what you are using it for, 
what your experiences have been, and in particular if you have information on 
typical response times of their web API.  You could reply on list or off list 
just to me. If I get interesting information especially from several sources, 
I'll try to summarize on list and/or blog either way.


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