Eric Hellman wrote:

May I just add here that of all the things we've talked about in
these threads, perhaps the only thing that will still be in use a
hundred years from now will be Unicode. إن شاء الله

Stuart Yeates wrote:

> Sadly, yes, I agree with you on this.
> Do you have any idea how demotivating that is for those of us
> maintaining collections with works containing characters that don't
> qualify for inclusion?

May I just add there that Unicode is evolving too and you can help to get missing characters included. One of the next updates will even include hundreds of icons such as a slice of pizza, a kissing couple, and the mount Fuji (See this zipped PDF: and

I also bet that Unicode will be there in hundred years from now (and probably URIs) while things like XML and RDF may be little used then. But I fear that the Unicode may be used in a different way just like words in natural language change their meanings over the centuries.

And that's why wee need libraries (phew, at least one positive claim about these institutions we all are bound to ;-)


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